Infertility Treatments in India

Infertility is on the rise worldwide and with it, the incidences of unhappiness and psychological trauma. The clutches of infertility are far-reaching, and not only does it affect the couple negatively but also affects their social and personal life.

Tons of medications and counseling worrying you? Weary of miserable mornings and never-ending nights due to the lack of a child? Looking for a solution? Come to us and get the best infertility treatment to ensure parenthood. With our expert team, high quality treatment, and the latest technology, we guarantee a high rate of conception for you and your partner.

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We offer the following treatment in our clinic:

Infertility treatments in India


Artificial Insemination by Husband (AIH) is the fertility treatment done when the infertility is cases where the cause of infertility rests solely on the male partner. This is particularly useful in cases of impotence and psychological issues leading to an impaired sexual life.

In AIH infertility treatment, the ovulation cycle of the female partner is tracked using an ovulation prediction kit. In the cases of women having regular menstrual periods, natural ovation cycle is followed while for women with irregular menstrual periods, ovarian stimulation is advised for maximizing the chances of conception.

The male partner’s semen is collected and tested in the laboratory to remove the elements that can hinder the fertilization of the eggs. Once the sperms are ready for insemination, the female partner undergoes Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI) during the most fertile time of her ovulation period. In IUI, the sperm is put to the uterus. A successful conception is the culmination of a chain of procedures that needs to be carried out in a systematic way by trained personnel.


In IUI, to facilitate fertilization, the sperm is placed inside a woman’s uterus. This is to increase the motile sperm count that reaches the fallopian tubes which will, in turn, enhance the chance of fertilization. Intrauterine insemination is performed for infertility conditions like unexplained infertility, ejaculation dysfunction, hindering of the ability of the sperm to enter the uterus due to past procedures of cervical scar tissue and hostile cervical conditions. To separate the semen from the seminal fluid, the semen sample is washed by the laboratory. Using a catheter, the sperm will be inserted directly into the uterus. This procedure of placing the sperm in the uterus boosts the count of sperm cells in the uterus and the possibility of conception increases. The time taken for conduction IUI is only a few minutes and involves only a little discomfort.

A continuous cycle of doing the IUI procedure increases the success rate of the fertilization for the couple. With us, get the best treatment for ensuring fertility from our specialized experts. Increase the chances of conception by enhancing your fertility through the IUI treatment at Susrutha.

Infertility treatment using Intrauterine Insemination
IVF Treatment for infertility in India


In-vitro fertilization is adopted as an infertility treatment when the simpler infertility treatments have failed. IVF enhances the success of the pregnancy and for some couples; their medical condition prescribes IVF than the other simple infertility treatments. IVF is an expensive and complex treatment. It is the combining of a sperm and egg outside the human body in a laboratory. The embryo resulting from this is transferred back into the uterus.

Blocked fallopian tubes, unexplained infertility, male infertility, and severe endometriosis are the conditions that mainly pave the way to in vitro fertilization. The procedures for IVF are a series of coordinated steps. The woman’s ovary is the stimulated by providing inject-able medications for about 10-12 days. This helps to produce multiple eggs. Medication dosage is adjusted according to the response of the ovary that is monitored with the help of ultrasound.

Once the maturation of the eggs is determined, ultrasound egg retrieval is undergone under a light anaesthesia. During the procedure, the male partner is to collect a fresh sample of his semen. The eggs from the female partner and the sperm of the male partner are aspirated and evaluated at the laboratory and prepared for insemination. Determination of the fertilization of the eggs is done 16-18 hours later. The eggs are inseminated through methods like- conventional insemination, embryo culture, Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), and embryo transfer and embryo cryopreservation. ICSI is one of the most common infertility treatments in India. At Susrutha, get your ICSI treatment from our specialized doctors and staff.


The Testicular/ Epididymal Sperm Aspiration (TESA) is an infertility treatment which involves the retrieval of the sperm from the testis tissue under a mild sedation.

The testis that does not produce an adequate amount of sperms undergoes microsurgical extraction of sperms. Mature sperms are searched for in testicular tubules through an operating microscope. Testicular Epididymal Sperm Aspiration treatment for infertility is the best chance for enhanced male fertilization.

Once the sperm is extracted, it is evaluated in the laboratory and either used straight away for fertilization or frozen for a future infertility treatment. Hindrance of sperms from being ejaculated due to certain genetic conditions, ejaculation problems, previous vasectomy, infections or other unexplainable infertility is the reason why TESA is prescribed as a treatment for infertility. Join hands with Susrutha and get the best TESA infertility treatment in India with our highly skilled experts and innovative latest technology guaranteeing you a good and happy time.

TESA infertility treatment
PESA infertility treatment


Percutaneous Epididymal Sperm Aspiration (PESA) is an infertility treatment that is done for the male partner. In this procedure, seminal fluid is aspirated through the scrotal skin to retrieve sperm cells for ICSI.

PESA is a surgical procedure of sperm retrieval used in cases where there is a blockage releasing the sperm produced and gets stored in the epididymis. It is the process of removing the trapped sperm surgically by inserting a fine needle, to remove the sperm from the epididymis, through the scrotum skin. PESA is much more preferred infertility treatment in India than TESA, as the ones undergoing PESA can immediately recover and get back to their homes or work while TESA takes a longer recovery period.


Testicular biopsy is a procedure for testing infertility in the male partner especially in cases of absence of sperm in a man’s ejaculate (azoospermia). No sperm count in a male partner is a major reason for infertility and a semen analysis is conducted to determine the count of the viable sperm.

The reason for the absence of sperm can include injured genitalia, blockage in genitalia infection in the male reproductive system, genetic causes, effects from chemotherapy treatments or radiation or undescended testes and alcohol consumption or steroids or illegal drug use.

In a testicular biopsy, sample tissue from the male partner is removed from one or both testicles for examination. This is done to evaluate the male partner’s fertility ability. Take the testicular biopsy at Susrutha under our team of efficient doctors to ensure the right diagnosis for your fertility.

With years of expertise in providing parenthood to many, Susrutha assures a safe and secure treatment for you and your partner. Through our infertility treatments, begin a whole new life bonded with love and care. Get rid of the medications and counseling and advices. With us, get the perfect happiness of parenthood.

Testicular biopsy for infertility testing